CBMIC Member Programs and Projects 2019

CBMIC Workshops

Each year CBMIC delivers a series of educational workshops that are directly related to the industry and the development of artists. These workshops cover a variety of topics and are a valuable benefit to our members. These workshops are made possible by the following funding partners:



 Product Development Program

This program is a funding assistance program open to CBMIC Developing artist/Group members who are planning on producing new recorded music product to further the development of their music career. This program has just recently launched for the 3rd consecutive year. The last 2 years of this program resulted in the completion of a combined 17 new recorded Album, EP and Video projects from Cape Breton artists with a total budget of just over $60,000. These projects are helpful when applying for industry showcase, award nomination and export growth opportunities. This program is made possible by the following funding partners:


Presenters and Media Program  

The Presenters and Media Program is an international buyers program delivered by CBMIC and takes place each year during the Celtic Colours International Festival. This program provides the opportunity for selected, Cape Breton Artists to showcase for a group of CBMIC invited delegates from Europe, the United Kingdom, United States and Canada. In the last two years, this program has resulted in over $320,000 in bookings for Cape Breton artists.  Now going into year 6, this program still remains the only international buyers’ program of its kind that takes place on Cape Breton Island. This program is made possible by the following funding partners:

Communities Music Opportunities Project (CMOP)

This is a new CBMIC project for 2019. There are many small communities requests that CBMIC receives each year. These requests are usually in search of assistance for certain music-related projects from around the island communities that typically don’t fall under our approved funding programs. The Sydney Credit Union has partnered with CBMIC on several projects over the past few years and has graciously offered to join in to support this initiative for 2019. With this continued partnership, CMOP was developed. CBMIC is now able to take applications for music related project proposals from various people and organizations around Cape Breton, such as musicians, educators, school music initiatives, youth in music projects and non-profits. CBMIC is grateful for the assistance in making this important project possible. Thank you to the Sydney Credit Union.


CBMIC Backstage TV

This is a new component that was developed out of the design of a much larger project that is still in the development stages. The pilot project for Backstage TV was executed in May during ECMA 2019,  where CBMIC put a plan together to capture video footage of Cape Breton artists activities during the festival. This included some casual interviews, live, unplugged performances, and shots of official showcase performance. The end result was a library of footage that is intended to be edited into artist spotlight segments that will be given to the artists for their own promotional use and will also be highlighted by CBMIC over the next few months.

CBMIC plans to keep this project concept and improve it based on the workings of the pilot. This could turn out to be a strong piece for CBMIC that can be a regular feature throughout the year both locally and remotely during CBMIC activities at various industry events that we attend.  CBMIC is currently seeking a funding partner for this project.