2011 Cape Breton Sound UK Mission

In January 2011, Nova Scotia was in the spotlight at one of the largest Celtic/Folk Traditional festivals in the world. As part of Celtic Connections Festival in Glasgow, UK, the province of Nova Scotia was highlighted at Showcase Scotland. Showcase Scotland boasts near 200 international delegates, most of whom are festival and talent buyers. To contribute to this important opportunity, the Cape Breton Music Industry Cooperative (CBMIC) administered the following project.

During Showcase Scotland our artists and industry professionals participated in the industry trade show, attended networking sessions with international delegates, and used provided seminar time to highlight an artist’s CD release. In addition to taking part in Showcase Scotland, CBMIC organized a team of industry professionals and Cape Breton artists to create additional international showcasing opportunities by partnering with Shain Shapiro at Canadian Blast (Canadian Independent Music Association, CIMA). These showcases took place in Wales (Cardiff) and Great Britain (Manchester and London) and focused on team building for Cape Breton artists. Labels, managers, booking agents, promoters, publicists and key media from each market were in attendance at the showcases to scout Cape Breton artists.

CBMIC has committed to a multi-year follow up to measure the results of this mission.


2011 Cape Breton Embassy at ECMA

CBMIC partnered with Celtic Colours International Festival to present a one-night showcase on April 16, 2011 at the Rodd Charlottetown Hotel Ballroom. The night featured eight of the most promising export ready artists currently working in Cape Breton. The bill included Slowcoaster, Carmen Townsend, Colin Grant Band, Dwayne Cote and Duane Andrews, Rosa, Rachel Davis and Buddy MacDonald, Brian Doyle and Scot MacMillan as well as Carmel Mikol. Through this project, CBMIC and Celtic Colours helped to bolster the profile and marketability of these eight up-and-coming artists by exposing them to an influential cross section of the global music industry present at the event.

CBMIC has committed to a multi-year follow up to measure the results of this mission.


2010-11 Cape Breton International Music Export Program

Launching in October of 2010 and concluding in March 2011, the Cape Breton International Music Export Program (CBIMEP) provided marketing and travel assistance to Cape Breton based artists entering new international markets. The overall objective of the CBIMEP was to:

Provide export ready musicians and music groups with the necessary funding to expand market opportunities outside of Canada and to increase the sale of music products to international markets. This program also aims to help Cape Breton based musicians and music groups capitalize on opportunities in international markets that have arisen from programs such as the East Coast Music Associations’ International Program

Over the duration of the program, CBMIC provided funding to 6 Cape Breton based music businesses. These businesses are in the process of developing new international markets in the Republic of Ireland, the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, and America.


2010 ECMA Cape Breton Marketing Strategy

Capitalizing on ECMA 2010 in Cape Breton, CBMIC organized the following marketing initiatives:

  • Partnered with ECMA Soundwaves Program to host an educational workshop for participating youth artists.
  • Presented 7 market ready artists, showcasing for ECMA delegates as well as international and national buyers.
  • Created a 35-page booklet of all nominated Cape Breton artists as well as those participating on ECMA juried stages. The booklet included biographical information, website links, press photos, gig listings and artist/management contacts. The booklet was distributed to 75 international delegates and 35-targeted media delegates.

2009 Cape Breton Music Export Program

CBMIC accessed funding through ECBC to aid in travel and marketing initiatives for Cape Breton artists nominated or showcasing at ECMA 2009 in Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador.


2009 Cape Breton ECMA 2010 Pre-promotions

CBMIC hosted two nights of showcasing for over 10 export-ready artists. As well, CBMIC ran a marketing campaign to promote the Cape Breton 2010 ECMA Awards and Conference.


2008-2009 Completion of Cape Breton ECMA 2010 Bid

CBMIC recognizes the importance of ECMA coming to Cape Breton on rotation. CBMIC ensured a successful completion of the bid to host ECMA including securing initial Federal government funding, building the event committee, and securing local infrastructure. CBMIC acknowledges the necessity to host music events on Cape Breton Island for both their cultural and economic impact. The organization is committed to bidding on future events such as Nova Scotia Music Week, Contact East, Canadian Folk Music Awards, etc.


2008 Cape Breton Music Export Program

The Cape Breton Music Export Program provided export-ready musicians and music groups the necessary funding to expand market opportunities outside of Canada, to increase earned revenue potential and to increase the sale of local music products to international markets. To kick-start this initiative, CBMIC, in association with Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation (ECBC) offered funding to Cape Breton musicians who participated in official showcases at the East Coast Music Awards in Fredericton, New Brunswick and Canadian Music Week in Toronto, Ontario. As well, Cape Breton artists received funding for international export projects such as international touring and marketing.

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