CBMIC Board Election for the 2019 AGM is Complete 

We are pleased to announce the following results.

New nominees who offered and were voted in:

Roberta Head

John Aylward

Previous members who reoffered for a second term and were voted in:

Debbie Mullins

Candee McCarthy

John Ellinbo

Nicole Morrison Andrews

Chris MacDonald

Incumbent Members:

Nigel Kearns – Chair

Jerry Holland – Treasurer

Victor Tomiczek

Michael Stephen Ryan

Colin Colin Angus Profit Gillis

Full Executive:

Nigel Kearns – Chair

Debbie Mullins – Vice Chair

Jerry Holland – Treasurer

Secretary – Chris MacDonald


We would like to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of Jennifer Currie,  who has been with CBMIC for the past 11 Years. Most of that time as Chair of the Board.  CBMIC would not likely exist today if not for her continued commitment to the organization.

Thank you Jennifer.


We would also like to acknowledge some members who finished their term this year and have moved on.

Andrew Fedora

Mile Le Lievre

Thank you for your input and support over the past number of years as members of CBMIC. Your time is greatly appreciated.