New Funding Program Now Available!

Attention: Due to the high number of successful applications for funding during the opening call. This program is now officially closed for 2018.  Congratulations to all the successful applicants.  

2018 Product Development Program

Product Development Program Guidelines

Program Overview:

This program will match investment from artists in the music industry who are developing new products to further advance a career in the music industry. The recording of music and video content is now, more than ever, a necessary component in developing an artist’s profile.  As all eyes and ears are dialed in on technology, active artists now find it essential to keep up with the ever-growing social media platforms as the predominant outlet for promotion.  Showcasing opportunities, industry nomination, touring and buyers’ programs require professional artist profiles. This program will help ease the cost of producing recorded music and video product for Cape Breton artists.

In order to apply you will need the following information:

  • A copy of your artist bio along with a discography, links to social media content, commercial media content, awards, successes and achievements.
  • Project Outline providing the name and a description of the project including timelines, contractors/suppliers and project outcomes.
  • The proposed release date for your project.
  • A link to a sample of your music to be recorded for this project. (One track only)
  • A copy of your budget showing all pertinent expenses and revenues.

Who is eligible to apply:

The Product Development Program is accessible to all Cape Breton based artists or groups who are pursuing a professional career within the music industry and are recording new material for commercial release. There are no restrictions on genre of music. At CBMIC we strive to aid first and foremost artists that live and work on Cape Breton Island though we realize there are various circumstances that keep Cape Breton artists all over the world. A strong weighting will be given to those applicants who remain living on Cape Breton Island on a year round basis.

Eligible Expenses:

All suppliers/contractors should be operating in Cape Breton. Music producers from outside of Cape Breton are an eligible expense. Eligible expenses are only those that have occurred after the application has been submitted to CBMIC. Eligible expenses include but may not be limited to:

  • Studio time
  • Hiring an engineer, producer and side musicians
  • Renting recording equipment
  • Hiring instrument tech/vocal coach
  • Mixing and mastering
  • Hiring a professional videographer and director
  • Video editing
  • Graphic design/artwork for album and promotion

Ineligible expenses include but may not be limited to:

Equipment purchases and purchases of capital assets, union dues, penalties, fines, pension contributions and any other union-mandated payments; CD, vinyl or other music media manufacturing and duplication costs.


The funding available through this program is 50% of the total eligible budget up to a maximum of $5,000.  Successful applicants will receive 50% of the allotted funding upon receipt of a fully executed Funding Agreement.  The following 50% of allotted funding will be released only when the Final Report for the applicant’s project has been submitted and reviewed by CBMIC. Minimum project spend for consideration is $1200.

Final Report:

The Final Report must contain the following items:

  • A budget with projected and actual revenue/expenses stated in Canadian dollars and must provide reasons for any significant variances.
  • Invoices and/or receipts that list items and charges, and cancelled cheques, proof of electronic payments or receipts as proof of payments (2 copies) must be included and add up to the expenses declared in the Budget
  • A completed and signed letter stating any additional funding that was received by the applicant for the project.
  • A copy of the recording produced through the assistance of the Product Development Program


In all album artwork, publications, promotional materials, signage and activities relating to the Project in this Agreement, the Applicant must acknowledge the financial support received from CBMIC by including the words, or like sentiment of, “This project is supported by funding from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency through the Cape Breton Music Industry Cooperative.” Logos for CBMIC and ACOA may be used in lieu of previous wording.

 What happens to your application:

 All complete applications will be sent to a jury of three music industry professionals.  Jury members will be Atlantic Canadian professionals, but not Cape Breton music professionals to reduce the possibility of conflict of interest.  To be considered for funding, applicants must be successfully recommended by two out of three jury members.  The overall number of successful applicants will determine the amount of funding available per applicant.

 Application deadline:

 Friday, July 20th, 2018

Applicants can expect to hear if their application was successful by Friday, August 31st.

For further information and funding application contact:

Shauna Walters, Program Manager

Product Development Program