Cape Breton Music Industry Cooperative (CBMIC) is a non-profit organization developed to grow and support Cape Breton’s music industry.

CBMIC has distributed over $1 million in funds, hosted countless showcase opportunities and provided industry-related training year in and year out to hard-working and promising musicians from Cape Breton during the last decade.


To support members of the Cape Breton music industry by providing training, information and resources needed to establish themselves as viable industry professionals and to succeed in business.


To help create an internationally recognized Cape Breton music industry that is both economically and culturally sustainable.


  • Bring industry together
  • Empower
  • Advocate
  • Train

Partnerships and Industry

CBMIC realizes that the music industry in Cape Breton is a sustainable one. Through partnerships with government agencies, private sector, media, local venues and music-related organizations within Canada and beyond, CBMIC’s goal is to bridge the gap between local musicians and the music industry as a whole.

Mavin Waves Festival