Communities Music Opportunities Program (CMOP)

This program is sponsored by the Sydney Credit Union and is administered by CBMIC. This program helps local musicians and music related organizations with assistance in small level funding for such things travel assistance to attend music festivals or development opportunities, local event production or marketing and more.

Submit Application

Enter the name of the organization or individual who is requesting the funding.
Please provide a brief description of your organization or group and history.
Please outline the project description and intended project goals or assumptions.

Budget Breakdown

Please highlight what element or component(s) of the project would be supported by CBMIC funds.

Pursuant to the CBMIC Board Policy, all projects proposals will be reviewed by the Project funding committee prior to approval. Please allow submit completed application a minimum of 20 days prior to event.

*As part of this agreement, the applicant agrees that any promotional material, digital or print will include high resolution logos of both CBMIC and the Sydney Credit Union in pre approved sizes as supplied and outlined by CBMIC. The applicant further agrees to provide a written project follow up report which is to be submitted to CBMIC no later than 30 days after project completion. This report should outline project outcomes and how any funds acquired from the CBMIC were beneficial to the project.