2024 CBMIC Product Development Program

The CBMIC Product Development Program is designed to support artists within the music industry in their pursuit of advancing their careers by creating new and innovative musical content. In today’s digital age, the creation of music and video content is integral to shaping an artist’s profile and reaching wider audiences. With the constant evolution of technology and the prominence of social media platforms for promotion, artists must maintain an active online presence. This program aims to alleviate the financial burden associated with producing recorded music and video products, enabling artists to focus on their creative endeavors.

How the Program Works

The following information provides an overview of the 2024 Product Development Program funding parameters, eligibility, application process, timelines and final reporting.

Funding: We are pleased to be able to offer for the first time,  two levels of artist applications with broadened parameters of funding to help meet the current cost challenges associated with quality recording services. Below are the new available funding streams and spending examples for 2024.

Level One: Funding support: Level one is designed for smaller or partial project funding with a maximum support of up to $2500.00, representing 50% of $5000.00 project spend. 

Level Two: Funding support: Level two is designed for larger or full project funding with a maximum support of up to $10,000.00, representing 50% of a $20,000.00 project spend.

Applicants must demonstrate proof of revenue for the remaining 50% of their budget. The amount of funding available per project will be determined based on the overall strength of the project application against the size of the project proposed by each applicant. 

Project funding is released in two advances:  First payment would be 50% of the approved amount upon execution of the approved applicants Funding Agreement. The second and final payment will be issued upon the applicant submitting a completed final project report and meeting all requirements.

Eligible and ineligible expenses for both levels are outlined in the respective sections below..

Eligibility: The Product Development Program is open to all Cape Breton artists and groups pursuing a professional career in the music industry, and recording new material for commercial release and export development opportunities. Applicants must be a CBMIC Emerging Artist/Group Member in good standing to be eligible to apply for Funding Level 1 or a Professional Artists/Group Member in good standing to apply for Funding Level 2. All groups applying as a group must have at least 50% of the members being from Cape Breton. There are no genre restrictions, and the program is designed to support all artists who identify and promote themselves as Cape Breton Artists, including artists in locally underrepresented areas of music, such as, Indigenous, Gaelic, and African American music Projects.

Eligible Expenses: Eligible expenses include, studio time, hiring engineers, producers, musicians, renting recording equipment, mixing and mastering, hiring videographers and producers, video editing, and digital artwork design related to the project. 

*All suppliers/contractors must be operating in Cape Breton, Personal home studios do not qualify. Studios must be a legitimate operating business under the Registry of Joint Stock Companies – Service Nova Scotia.

Some service exceptions may be considered for contracted music or video producers from outside the region with pre-approval.

Ineligible Expenses: Ineligible expenses include but are not limited to, separate tax, equipment purchases, membership or union dues, penalties or fines, pension contributions, CD or vinyl manufacturing, streaming fees, and royalty-related fees.

Application Process: To apply for funding assistance you must contact our Program Manager, Duane Nardocchio in advance of submitting any application information.

Email: info@cbmic.ca or Ph: (902) 577-2547

Depending on the scope of the project, applications will need to include the following:

  • Artist biography, CV, discography, links to social media and commercial media content, as well as any successes and achievements 
  • Description of the project, including timelines, proposed contractors/suppliers, and desired outcomes.
  • Marketing plan for the project.
  • Proposed release date for the project.
  • Sample of music to be recorded. (maximum of two tracks) 
  • Projected budget detailing all expenses and revenues.
  • Commitment to complete Project by Dec 31st, 2024

Project Completion:  All approved projects must be completed by December 1st, 2024 and a completed final report must be submitted.

The Final Report must include a budget with projected and actual revenues/expenses, invoices or receipts as proof of payments, a signed letter detailing additional funding received. 

A copy of the recording (CD, vinyl, or digital download) produced through the project must also be provided but does not have to meet the December 1st deadline.

Acknowledgement: Applicants must acknowledge CBMIC, Canadian Federal Government, and the Provincial Government of Nova Scotia for the financial support in all related publications, CD or digital project artwork, promotional materials, signage, and activities. CBMIC will provide proper logos and directions as required.

Application Dates: Applications will open on April 16th, 2024, and close on May 30th, 2024.

For further information and to receive a funding application, please contact:

Duane Nardocchio,

Product Development Program


*Please return to this page after login to apply.